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LJ Idol Week #26 - "Finale: Friends and Rivals"

This is my entry for the final week of this mini-season of therealljidol.


Friend and Rival

Embracing the season theme as my topic this week

Why You Should Absolutely Vote For gratefuladdict

Let's start this off, as I often do, with a song:

The other day in the LJI Green Room, furzicle proposed the concept of cumulative voting. Her concept - and I paraphrase here - was that consistency in writing quality over multiple entries should be recognized somehow in voting.

If you look at gratefuladdict's body of work, one thing you'll surely recognize is that the quality is consistently excellent. I'm not just referring to her work this season but also her work in prior years. There are many fine writers whose work I've admired while participating in LJI, but week-in/week-out, GA's work is always top quality.

Some of the hallmarks of her work include a brilliant economy of language, a keen understanding of story structure and the ability to forge strong emotional connections with her readers. Her pieces never overstay their welcome and always evoke feeling. I'm also endlessly impressed with her range - whether sharing autobiographical work, opinion pieces, realistic fiction, science fiction or any other form she sets her mind to, gratefuladdict writes with equal aplomb.

Speaking of her consistent high quality work, let me take this time to remind you that she made the final two in season 8 as well. In fact, during season 8, she got pregnant, went through her entire pregnancy and gave birth in the final weeks of the season. I can't think of anything more hardcore.

Oh wait, I can. This season, she has written fabulous pieces while experiencing the general sleeplessness and exhaustion associated with raising a baby from five months to twelve months - not to mention caring for her only-slightly older little boy. I can't function if I have one bad night of sleep in a week. She has created great writing while in the throes of sleep deprivation, working her full time job and being a fantastic parent. How is that even possible?

In addition to this, gratefuladdict has been among the most active participants in LJI community. She cares passionately about the contest and community. This season, she's been the only contestent that I've regularly communicated with but I know that she's connected with, supported and cheered on something like a dozen other participants. I think that's the spirit of therealljidol.

But the main thing is her writing. She's just the best. We are all lucky to have had the chance to read so much of her work.

I have been telling gratefuladdict for weeks (in fact, for seasons) that she's the person I'd most like to see win LJI. While I'm very grateful for all the support I've received, I would be more thrilled to see her win than I would to win this myself. Don't let me down, LJI community.

Three Reasons You Should Vote for Me

Queen Tobi the cat sulking next to a computer mouse

1. Tobi the cat has had to wait for scratches for hours everytime I write an entry.

Moose the cat on my lap trying to get my attention

2. Moose has worked hard to get my attention during the writing process, often to no avail.

Close up of BB the cat

3. BB was made to pose for this entry. She hopes you're all happy.

I think your choice is clear.

Thank you all for reading, commenting and participating all season. I've really enjoyed reading everyone's work and am so grateful to have made it to the finals. Thank you, thank you!

This is the first time I've ever updated LiveJournal from my phone since I'm traveling this week. How does anyone do this regularly? Egads!
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